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Our study guides provide a structured way to improve your English while watching television.

Mandeep Locham Teacher and Head of Learning Design

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Wednesday Addams - A Study Guide

She's dark, dangerous and a wicked dancer. She can help you learn English.

Study guide only. Episodes not included.

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Friends - A Study Guide

The friends that will always be there for you. They can help you learn English.

Study guide only. Episodes not included.

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Stranger Things - A Study Guide

Secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl. She can help you learn English.

Study guide only. Episodes not included.

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Peaky Blinders - A Study Guide

A ruthless street gang and their ambitious boss Tommy Shelby. He can help you learn English.

Study guide only. Episodes not included.

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Mandeep is an excellent English tutor. I found her and the content she designed for individuals very efficient. I remember that one of the areas she worked with me on was how to sound natural in speaking and writing. This had a strong impact on my English language skills. I strongly recommend her.

With Mandeep, I not only improved my English, but also grew my confidence to speak in public and without embarrassment in another language. Her classes are fun and enjoyable and she focuses a lot on the aspects you need to improve in a personalized way giving you recommendations and great support.

What is a study guide?

Enjoy watching TV and learning English at the same time.

Our guides are designed to help you learn from the real language that is spoken in popular TV shows and films.

Helpful comments from an experienced teacher
Definitions of key vocabulary
Jokes and cultural references explained
Extra help from an AI assistant

Hello. I'm your teacher, Mandeep.


I write study guides to help you learn English with your favourite films and TV shows. You'll find vocabulary definitions, examples to learn with, translations if you need more support, and mini tests to help you remember what you've learnt.

My favourite part of the guides are the cultural explanations that help you understand why a joke is funny, or why a song is played in a scene.

These are the questions my advanced students always ask me and the main reason I made the guides.

Important: you need your own subscription or access to watch. I don't give you access to the episodes/movies.

Continue reading below for information on the features included with each guide.

Thanks for joining!

Teacher and Head of Learning Design


Learn new vocabulary

I have identified the vocabulary that may be difficult in every show.

Discover new words with definitions, examples, pronunciation and translations into your own language.

Understand the culture

Sometimes you need to know more than just the words to really understand everything.

I have included fun facts and my own insights to help you enjoy learning a new culture.

Practice, practice, practice

After discovering new vocabulary, you can test your knowledge with exercises written by our experienced teachers.

Exercises include audio, videos, images and GIFs to keep your interest and make learning fun.

Crossword puzzles

Crosswords are a motivating way to study and develop your vocabulary knowledge.

Our crossword puzzles can also be printed out for you to enjoy offline. Less screen time, more ways to learn.

Word searches

Words searches are a fun way to become familiar with the spelling and structure of new words.

Like crosswords, our word searches can be completed online but also printed out and enjoyed away from your device. Take a screen break!

Free QuizletTM flashcards

Quizlet is an app that gives interactive learning tools, including flashcards, study and game modes.

With every study guide, I give you a set of Quizlet flashcards so you can review and remember all the important vocabulary from an episode.

I always remember you as one of the best English teachers I ever had. Mandeep has been a great support for my reinforcement and strengthening of my level of English. I highlight her skills as an English teacher for executives.

I have been lucky enough to take English classes with Mandeep and I couldn't be happier with the results. They have been a great help in improving my language skills and their teaching method is effective and engaging.

Mandeep designed a program to make my language skills grow to a level that allowed me to interact in a professional and academic environment. We studied only 1:30 h per week, but I improved my English skills to be able to work in an international environment in less than 2 years.

Mandeep is a great English teacher adapting each class to our needs and combining business English with daily English to maintain our attention and motivation. Definitely, during these years we greatly developed our English level and communication skills.

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