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Want to talk English like Wednesday Addams?

Read and learn how with our wicked guide to Wednesday.

The word game the world plays

Read and learn how to play the game that's making us word crazy.

Welcome to the jungle of real English

Read and learn why the classroom won't prepare you for the real world and what you can do to understand connected speech.

Can you learn English watching Friends?

Read and learn why 'Friends' is better for lower levels and the surprising reason it may not be good for more advanced learners.

What's the best way to learn English?

Read and learn the four main areas to focus on if you really want to get ahead with your English.

5 factors for getting fluent in English fast

Read and learn about what fluency is and why getting there takes more time for some learners.

How to make and use vocabulary flashcards

Read and learn how to make vocabulary flashcards and when to use them using the Leitner system of spaced repetition.

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